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Annual garden harvest is upon us in Labrador West

Some of this years goodies at the Community Garden.
Some of this years goodies at the Community Garden. - Gary Shaw




It seems as though it was such a short time ago people were finally celebrating the arrival of a very late spring. There was finally the right conditions and weather that would allow for flipping some dirt over in gardens and get seeds planted.

Well, at the speed of light, the growing season is coming to an end and so begins the efforts of harvesting crops, enjoying the efforts of the toil.

Spring was definitely late in coming but the summer that finally arrived gave Labrador West a pretty good growing season, albeit shorter than normal. Decent temperatures and timely rains gave plants a good boost and have already shown some good early results in the harvest.

Those who participate in the annual tradition of ‘setting the garden’ are in it, good or bad. They will harvest a bumper crop or a have it be a dismal showing, no matter, they are doing it.

There are gardens in backyards, at cabins and of course the gardening and social centre of Labrador West, the Community Garden.

Everyone who is engaged in this annual gardening season does it for different reasons. For some the end harvest is the reason, and for others it’s the excuse to get outside in the air, get some exercise and engage in the many social aspects that are often part of the whole picture.

Without any doubt, many gardeners enjoy the process and satisfaction of growing their own goodies. When they put the bounty of their successful growing season on their tables at home, supper seems to taste just a bit better. Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter, even if just thinking it, make’s it all worthwhile.

In Labrador West there are folks who go to all the work and constant efforts attached to growing a good garden, to give most of it away. An effort in generosity to family members, friends, neighbours and even folks they don’t even know that well, a testament to the character and sense of community.

The Community Garden represents the efforts of the folks who have tended their plots with huge doses of attention and care. The fruits of their labour and the timely weather conditions have sure given some great crops.  

The potato beds are full and if there is anywhere near as much growth under the ground as there is on top of the ground, the potato bins will be full.          The cabbage and turnips in most of the plots are not only showing few empty places, but also are really big. The carrots are thick and the beets are showing big tops, which usually indicate lots of good beets.

As our many gardeners head into fall and are engaged in the harvest of yet another season, it will be met with pride and satisfaction in the season that was. It will be a season that can be measured with satisfaction, pride in a job well done, and the memory of the many social engagements held while leaning on the hoe and having a yarn with their neighbour.

The big bonus will be a Jiggs Dinner filled with the many veggies necessary to make it just right, just a bit better than the stuff from the store, how good is that.

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