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ASK THE PEOPLE: What are your thoughts on Justin Trudeau?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on the hot seat after former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould detailed on Wednesday what she described as a relentless campaign, including veiled threats, from Trudeau and his office in the SNC-Lavalin affair.

QUESTION: Have you lost faith in Prime Minister Trudeau considering what the former attorney general had to say?

Ramona Guignard


I have not lost faith in Justin. I hope he stays in, I certainly do. I think he’s a good Prime Minister and that he’s a smart young man.

Rex Way


It looks like they’re after him to step down, so there got to be good reason for people to be seeking that. If there’s something inappropriate going on here, you would lose faith in him.

Gerard Lucas

Stephenville Crossing

I lost faith in Trudeau about a year after he got in power. The Liberal government will never ever get my vote again.

Pauline Duffy


I just want to hear everything first instead of jumping down someone’s throat. Let’s get it all out first because I really want to hear the truth and feel it will come out eventually.

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