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Labrador woman asking for pennies for a unique project

Tina Chiasson.
Tina Chiasson. - Contributed




Tina Chiasson isn’t offering a penny for your thoughts

Rather, the Happy Valley-Goose Bay woman is looking to recycle your coins as she prepares to lay a new floor in her garage.

Chiasson got the idea of making a floor out of pennies while searching a project to redo her kitchen floor.

Although she didn’t give it much thought at the time, she did remember the idea after the family recently built a garage and she started looking for a unique idea for the garage’s bathroom floor.

There are several ways of laying a penny floor, she said.

“You can actually purchase penny mats to put the pennies in. It’s like putting down a tile but that way takes away the originality.”

It’s important, she said, to make sure the floor is level before starting the project.

“You use a bonding agent and you put the pennies down one-by-one, in whatever pattern you want to use.”

After they are down, you use grout — of various colour choices — to fill in the spaces that are left.

“I’m thinking of going with black because I’m looking at using a glass cast, clear epoxy to make it look like pennies in glass.”

Chiasson is excited about getting started on the floor. She says her regular work schedule — she works 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. — gives her lots of time for such labour-intensive projects.

“I will likely drag my husband in to help me with the top coating of epoxy but I think I’ll be doing all the rest myself because I will be pretty picky with the positioning of the pennies,” Chiasson quipped.

Chiasson is looking for donations of pennies for her project. Once she gets enough, she said, her first step will be to wash them all.

“I’ve had a lot of people dropping pennies off to me and I’m still accepting more. I’d rather have too many than not enough. And I know this could be the start of many penny projects,” she said.

Anyone who’d like to give Chiasson their pennies can contact her through Facebook (Tina Noble Chiasson).

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