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North West River couple raising funds to help pay huge vet bill after dog hit by vehicle

Marlyce Shangreaux and her husband Ross Humby with their dog, Gala.
Marlyce Shangreaux and her husband Ross Humby with their dog, Gala. - Contributed




Marlyce Shangreaux and Ross Humby of North West River are fundraising to help pay off a hefty vet bill after their dog was injured in an accident.

People in North West River and Sheshatshiu have also come onboard to help.

The couple own Red Wine Bed and Breakfast. Their dog Gala was injured on Aug. 24 when she was struck by a vehicle backing out of the parking lot. 

A picture of Gala the night she got home, from a veterinarian clinic in St. John’s to North West River.
A picture of Gala the night she got home, from a veterinarian clinic in St. John’s to North West River.

Humby was the only one at home at the time.

Shangreaux and her mother were out of the province on vacation.

A veterinarian in Happy Valley Goose Bay determined Gala needed to be sent to St. John’s via air cargo for emergency surgery and speciality care.

The dog had suffered a femoral fracture; requiring plates and screws in her right leg. The first surgery was done on Aug. 29; two days later, vets in St. John’s used nylon implants to repair ligaments in her left leg.

By Sept. 10 the dog was back home in North West River.

While she can’t walk yet, Gala is happy and doing well, Shangreaux said.

“She loves her help-me up harness. She’s only allowed in it a couple of minutes a day but it’s really helping her. We just lift her up. She uses her front legs and we lift her back half.”

Although she’s adjusting, Gala will need extensive post-op care including physio, medications and follow-up radiographs.

Her care thus far comes with a vet bill of over $20,000. Shangreaux hopes to pay off the bill, which is on a credit card, as soon as possible so as not to incur too much interest.

Already, she said, they’ve raised several thousand dollars through various fundraisers.

Shangreaux and Humby sold their Labrador tent for $300.

Shangreaux held a sweet loaf sale (she baked nearly 150 loaves of various breads) which brought in over $450.

A friend did a private fundraiser (without Shangreaux’s knowledge) which netted over $500.

An on-line auction is also being planned.

As well, Shangreaux said, a cold plate sale is taking place on Sept. 30 with pick-up locations in both North West River and Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (Pre-orders only up to Sept. 27 at 6 pm).

“We are hoping to sell 250 (cold plates)” Shangreaux said during the phone interview on Sept. 22.

Helena Burden Riche is one of the women involved in the cold plate sale.

When contacted by phone about the fundraiser, she said Shangreaux is always quick to help others in the community.

“Marlyce is the type of person that goes above and beyond for everybody even if you are a stranger. She’s gone out of her way many times donating her services or her time... We are just a small community coming together at the end of the day,” she said.

On a Go Fund Me Page she has set up to help raise money, Shangreaux said she understands not everyone will understand the extent she and her husband have gone to for their pet.

“For me, my dogs are like my children. They are family members. They spend every night under the same roof. The come on every trip to the cabin. They know the routines, between weekdays and weekends. They love special occasions, and nice weather. They get lonesome when we are at work, but the happiness makes up for it when we get home... And, given the opportunity, they would do anything they could to save us,” she said.

Information on the various fundraisers, including the Go Fund Me page, can be found on Shangreaux’s Facebook page (Marlyce Shangreaux).

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