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The Spirit of Labrador

As summer slowly turned to fall, people in Labrador West were treated to a number of special activities.

Gateway Labrador presented Spirit of Labrador, a cultural celebration of Labrador which received assistance from Heritage Canada. Tracy West, chair of Gateway Labrador, said they are grateful to MP Yvonne Jones and her office for their help in making spirit of Labrador a success.
Events included an art exhibition, performances by musicians Gary and Jennifer Mitchell, and a show by Beni Malone and Susan Jarvis.

“Susan Jarvis and Beni Malone not only entertained many people, they also visited AP Low Primary School to teach students how to juggle, plate spin and hula hoop,” Sarah Halliday, Gateway Labrador tourism officer, told the Aurora.

Other activities included Karen Simmonds demonstrating how to make beaded earrings, Marty Byrne showing how to make pottery, a geocaching event, and Larry Jenkins offering a photo workshop.

West said events were well-attended and a great learning experience for many people.

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