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Former Nunatsiavut Minister saying sanctions too harsh

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Nunatsiavut Government says Rachel Saunders breached the code of conduct three times

A former Nunatsiavut Minister who was removed on Nov. 13 is saying the punishment imposed upon her is too harsh. Rachel Saunders, who represents Hopedale in the Nunatsiavut Assembly, told the Labradorian she feels she’s being treated differently than other people who were sanctioned in the past.

Saunders was found guilty of a code of conduct violation and was ordered to apologize to the Hopedale Housing Committee (HHC), the Nunatsiavut Assembly, her constituents, and staff members who were present during a meeting she attended. She was also given a one week suspension as an Ordinary Member.

“I’m not going to agree to it,” Sanders said. “I don’t know what happens then, I asked the Speaker (Edward Blake- Rudkowski) what happened if I didn’t follow it and he said it was mandatory.”

The Nunatsiavut Government issued a press release on Nov. 28 stating Saunders was the subject of two formal complaints and was found guilty by a disciplinary committee of three breaches of the code of conduct.

For more on this story see the Dec. 3 edition of the Labradorian.

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