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Taylor Giovannini believes in need for cannabis cultivation in N.L.

Taylor Giovannini is the co-founder and CEO of Burin-based Oceanic Releaf Inc.
Taylor Giovannini is the co-founder and CEO of Burin-based Oceanic Releaf Inc. - Contributed

St. Lawrence native Taylor Giovannini, founder and CEO of Oceanic ReLeaf, told The Southern Gazette on Monday, Feb. 18 via text message that the company is working diligently on the cultivation facility, as well as getting the retail locations established.

“With the current supply issue across the country it’s not ideal for operating a retail store,” wrote Giovannini. “This is a brand-new industry that’s here for a lifetime and we plan on doing it right. We are looking forward to a long future on the Burin Peninsula.”


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She added in light of the supply issues that other retail locations have been experiencing, the company plans to supply its own retail locations with cannabis once they are recognized as a licensed producer, until then she explained they will have to rely on another licensed producer.

Giovannini said news of the closure of an independently owned cannabis retail location in the province is a reminder that more supply is needed, stating “…more of a reason to start cultivating here in Newfoundland.”

“It’s very sad that the retail store closed in Clarenville,” she wrote.

She speculated it was a combination of the supply issue, as well as the low commissions store owners receive of the sale of cannabis products.

“I want to see as much spin-off to this economy from this new industry as possible, and seeing a private, local company close its doors is devastating,” she said of the Clarenville store.

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