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LETTER: Sick of all the litter

The trails leading down to MacDougalls Brook are littered with small plastic items and cans that get tossed around by the wind, while the bigger items such as construction leftovers, burnt out car frames, oil drums, refrigerators are pushed off to the right or down over the hillside into the rough brush. - J.R. Roy
Jeff Holmes of Shearstown wonders why people choose to litter. — SaltWire Network file photo

I have a riddle for you: what do a used syringe, used tampon, and a soiled diaper all have in common?

Stop reading and think for a moment. Could it be they’re disgusting, or dangerous or unhygienic? Yes, but that’s not the answer – I found them all on my front lawn. These items I did not expect to find. What I did expect, and did find, were coffee cups, chicken boxes and lottery tickets. I could go on and on. On a regular basis, I could collect a bag full of garbage.

Why do people litter? Because they have no respect. No respect for the environment, or other people, or the law. Have they not learned the value of the three Rs? ( reduce, recycle, reuse.) Perhaps they have! They do reduce by lessening the amount of trash in their vehicle. They do recycle by throwing food scraps out the window for the crows and gulls. But they don’t reuse. Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

The people who litter come from all walks of life — from young to old, male or female, all demographics. I have witnessed people who throw their garbage on the ground with a trash bin just feet away. Just ask the gas stations and fast-food places. They tell you. It’s like the old adage, out of sight, out of mind.

I'm sure the people who litter have their reasons: it’s convenient, easy to do, everybody does it, I just don't care, can’t bring it home, they know I ate there, it’s only garbage, not hurting anybody, what's the big deal?

Well, it is a big deal! If it’s your garbage, take it home. Don’t make it someone else’s responsibility.

But we do have our saints out there that pick up recyclables and other garbage, then take it home. God bless you. I wish many more people were like you. Please don't litter.

Jeff Holmes


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