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Strong man (and woman) competition returning to Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Grant Connors runs to the other side of the 800-pound tire during the tire flip event in the Strongest Man in P.E.I. Competition, held Thursday night in Alberton during the opening day of the Prince County Exhibition. The Kentville, NS resident was the overall winner, picking up where he left off the last time he competed in Alberton seven years ago.
Events like the tire flip will be happening on Oct. 13, at the “Strongman” and “Strongwoman” competition in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, at Gear’s Gains Fitness Center.

An event that used to be popular in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is returning.

On Oct. 13, residents of the Lake Melville area will be attending the “Strongman” and

“Strongwoman” competition in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, at Gear’s Gains Fitness Center.

It’s the first time since 2011 that the event has been held.

Participants will be divided by gender.

The competition categories are: Junior female (Under 18), Junior male Less than 125lbs, Junior Male over 125lbs, Senior Female Under 150lbs, Senior Female Over 150lbs, Senior Male Under 200lbs, and Senior Male Over 200lbs.

Participants have the option of moving up a category if they feel that they are able to compete at this level, but can’t move down a category.

T.J. Gear is one of the owner and operators of the gym.

He says he was inspired to lead the event after participating a few years ago.

“I competed in the past and thought it would be a great idea to host at the gym.”

He will also be competing.

Some of the events for the competition include:

• a tire flip, contestants must flip a tire as many times as they can in a minute

• a farmer’s walk, contestants must walk a specific route without dropping their objects.

• a log press

• stone carry

Those who wish to compete for the titles of “Strongman” and “Strongwoman” can sign up at

Gear’s Gains; there are sign-up sheets at the front desk and near the bulletin boards.

More updates will be available on their Facebook page as the event draws closer.

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